A Traveler’s Guide to Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is located in the beautiful country of Colombia. It’s known as “The city of the eternal spring“, a place full of things to do.

The perfect weather and astonishing landscapes make of Medellin the perfect destination for those travelers looking for something fresh, new and breathtaking. As the second city in a developing country, Medellin has many things to offer its visitors. Dozens of five stars hotels, a lot of amazing restaurants and bars, plenty of outdoor activities, and the most authentic culture of its inhabitants.

Colombia is a country where travelers can find nature and wildlife at every corner, and Medellin is close to many tourist attractions, including amazing destinations like mountain treks, water sports, camping, biking routes, extreme sports, historic places from the 1600s and the 1700s. The very well-preserved natural reservoirs and antique constructions make of Medellin a never-ending source of interesting places and scenarios to visit.

Medellin is the second biggest city in Colombia by population, and very well-known for its people hospitality and kindness.

Medellin is the center of many industrial and commercial activities that attract thousand of business people from around the world, coming to make trade relationships and in the meantime falling in love with this warm and wonderful place.

A huge number of visitors are coming every year to this city of eternal spring, looking to get some of the best of Colombia’s export products, like coffee (one of the best in the world), emeralds (worldwide famous), fruits, flowers and of course the most beautiful women in the world!

Every year, in July, Medellin hosts an international fashion fair, named Colombia Fashion, and it is the meeting point of thousands of buyers, sellers, designers and entrepreneurs fotomultas medellin from all the world. Everything that is happening in the fashion world starts in Medellin.

On Summer, every year, the entire city performs the Flower Fair, a world-wide known event displaying several flowers parades, tropical music concerts, art exhibitions, an antique and classic cars parade, a horseback riding parade and dozens of firework shows.

Medellin is an amazing city that offers many incredible tourist attractions in the middle of the wonderful Andean mountains system. For those travelers who have not been in South America, just landing in Medellin is a life time experience.



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