The Perfect Golden Retriever Puppy From a Breeder

There are few pets more adorable than a golden retriever puppy. As a bonus, this lovable puppy will grow into one of the greatest family dogs. Friendly to everyone, including children and pets, goldens are also very talented. They are employed as service dogs, such as search and rescue and guide dogs. Goldens are also top obedience, agility, and tracking dogs in competition. Now the trick is to find a puppy without giant vet bills and behavior problems. To do this, it is best to buy a puppy from a golden retriever breeder. If you do it right, you can find a perfect puppy.

Some of us are interested in rescuing a faithful friend and doing some good in the process through adoption. Here we are interested in finding a beautiful puppy who will make a healthy, great pet for a lifetime. So, we are going to skip store bought, and possibly puppy mill mass produced, dogs, and search for a breeder. We are looking for a quality breeder not a ‘backyard breeder’. Start by finding the names of a few golden retriever breeders; not just one. Goldens are very popular, so there is no shortage of breeders who specialize in this breed alone. The internet is the easiest place to search. Some breeders will ship dogs over long distances. However, it is much better to locate breeders within travel distance. That way you can visit the breeder in person. You can see the grounds and spend time with the parents of the litter.

High quality breeders don’t mass produce dogs. We are looking for a breeder who puts a lot of love and care into each dog. Typically, the breeder will only have a few litters every year. New puppies usually go home with the buyer when they are 7-8 weeks old. That is why you will have to make reservations for a puppy in advance. Each litter will have 8-12 puppies. If you are one of the first to reserve a place, the breeder might allow you to choose your golden from the litter. By observing the puppies together, you can gauge the different personalities of the pups.

Golden retriever puppies can be expensive. They range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand for a dog with a champion pedigree. That is why it is important to be educated on the breed. Not all goldens are the same. In fact, European golden retrievers are a little different from American goldens. This is because the Breed Standards, which all purebreds are judged by, are different. You can find the American Breed Standard at, and the British Breed Standard at Your breeder will either be breeding American goldens or European goldens, not both. Each dog has their own distinctive look. The European goldens are a little stockier while the American dogs are a little taller and tend to have longer coats. Cream colored goldens, which are often mistaken for white, are European dogs.

A good breeder will register all of his or her dogs with the national kennel club. For example, every dog will be registered with the American Kennel Club or the Kennel Club. You can always check the registration numbers with your national kennel club. This way you can verify that all of the dogs are purebred golden retrievers. Asking for any paperwork from a breeder should never be a problem. Breeders should also keep records of the pedigree of each puppy. In this case, bragging can be a good sign! Another good sign is a record of competitions and dog shows. golden retriever puppies colorado

Perhaps the best reason to buy from a breeder is golden retriever health. Future dog owners should be aware of the rising cost of pet health care. It is very important to avoid serious illnesses like cancer, which can turn into an expensive catastrophe. Indeed, cancer and other genetic health problems are common in goldens. These ailments are most often the result of bad breeding and mass breeding. The best way to avoid them is by testing for these health issues in the breeding pair and their ancestry. Quality breeders will have their goldens tested and certified for hip dysplasia, knee or elbow dysplasia, heart problems and eye issues such as cataracts. Ask for paperwork from the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). By finding a good breeder, you can improve your golden’s chances of living 10-15 healthy and happy years. Finally, quality breeders will proffer a puppy guarantee, so you can return your dog in case of a bad turn of events.

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